Very nice and soft kitten socks for walking around the house.
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Very nice and soft kitten socks for walking around the house.

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My cat finds them funny too.

If you like cats, these are your socks.

They're comfortable, warm, easy to wash, sturdy and... if you like to play they're super fun.

Plus these socks are elastic and breathable.

Keep your feet comfortable and warm every afternoon and evening after a long day's work, naturally... with your cats.


The design is woven with a mix of quality materials (cotton and acrylic plush with spandex), un printed, the colors look vibrant. They will make you laugh every time you see them.

(Venta caliente del viernes negro) Calcetines de gato de invierno Calcetines gruesos y cálidos para dormir

Available in 6 colours: black bar, grey bar, black point, khaki point, black, yellow.
¨Comfortable socks to walk around the house. I love them! ¨

They're soft on the foot but resilient. To walk around the house without slippers.


¨These socks are simply amazing. Warm, soft, comfortable and beautiful. ¨